TWX s.r.l. is a company, member of the consortium Tomware s.c.a.r.l., born from the collaboration of a group of professionals in the field of Information Technology, which deals with purchase and sale of computer equipment, in particular the purchases and supplier relationships.

It IS specialized in the supply of goods and services with high quality standard, intended for demanding customers, who use ICT as a work tool. As part of the consortium, it manages exclusively sourcing and procurement activities of systems and infrastructure equipment. The purchased products are intended mainly for banks, large retail chains, companies in the energy sector and in the telematic and telephone sector, as well as for the public sector.

TWX acts on its own on the market for the sale of certain products and services related to ICT infrastructure, such as a solution for monitoring and telemetry of vehicles and equipment and other monitoring solutions for data centers and distributed systems. It also offers third party software selected to provide customers with all the support tools to productive activity.

TWX is operating a partial transformation of its business, from pure supply of products, to customer’s provision of value-added services, using the knowledge of technology platforms and its own budget.


The Company will give the utmost attention to the human factor, especially for its Employees and Consultants, easing their personal and professional development in an indoor environment characterized by competence, integrity, teamwork and loyalty. In the same way, the management of external business activities with customers, suppliers and all third parties, should be based on relationships characterized on honesty, loyalty and fairness. Moreover, the company will operate within the laws and will honor all obligations towards civil society becoming an economic, intellectual and social asset in the community in which the Company operates.

Service Quality

In implementing its activities, the Company will give the utmost attention to quality service by seeking the value for price optimization. This tendency is further emphasized by the need to build consensus and confidence inside the partners, in order to create a group culture, which will be more and more shared and distinctive