Loook is a “turnkey” service for the management and support of the Digital Signage network for the shops, point of sales, outlets and supermarkets of the large-scale retail trade.

A Digital Signage system is designed to allows centralized control of digital communication aimed at the public and internal staff. The contents (video messages, movies, spots, music, data and dynamic measurements, still images) are scheduled and presented on special large digital displays placed at the staging points and in the shop windows of the sales points.

Through a web console it is possible to manage and distribute the contents, assign emission parameters (time slot, priority, number of rotations), automatically create the schedules, distribute, check and report the effective reproduction of the digital contents intended for presentation.


LOOOK is our turnkey Digital Signage sistem for retail chains

  • Infrastructure co-design, layout definition, independence from company networking
  • Installation and maintenance of plants and help-desk services
  • Co-Design of digital contents and messages
  • Scheduling definition and distribution, even in real time
  • Advanced reporting features that enable interaction with DWH and ROI analysis

Loook is a partnership between Gruppo C’È and the TomWare Group.

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