• Tombox
    It’s an advanced monitoring solution for environmental conditions’ control and for Data Center, TomBox is the ideal device for:
    – Environmental monitoring of the data center;
    – Environmental control of individual racks;
    – Verification of operation of any type of analogic and digital device.
    TomBox can also integrate alarming functions (including sending text messages) which activates when certain user-defined events within the tracking software or directly on the device configuration occur.

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  • Trackpro
    Flexible and customizable solution for monitoring and managing the Earth’s position of vehicles, with tracking of the path on the GPS map.
    – Location: allows the verification of location on the map in real time, for all vehicles
    – Routes: control of routes, driving times, response times and customer deliveries
    – Security: monitoring of load temperature, fuel level
    – Alarms: immediate notification (SMS or email) in case of unexpected events such as stops, abnormal movements, opening doors and a useful feature, such as the antirobbery button
    – Communication: ability to communicate in real time with the driver at no additional cost
    – Web: Web access to the system management console, management of different credentials with different access levels
    – Reports: allows extracting aggregated data and statistics on the use of vehicles.

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